Monday, December 12, 2011


Aloha family,
   Another week has past. I can't believe this transfer is over. There's 16 transfers in your mission life, and I've gone through 8 now, only 8 6 week transfers left. That's insane.
   This week was good. It was a lot better than the few I had before it. Things have really been improving. I've been focusing on 3 things - sleep, exercize, and nutrition. and I'm doing way good on all three, and it makes me feel really good. I was kinda sucking at all three of those the past few months, I was told that those are the 3 pillars to physical well being, and when your body's happy, your mind is happy. I do feel happier. I  started buying some healthy foods. I bought salmon, and shrimp, and some fruits and veggies and things, and started drinking more agua. I even bought some carrots and some spinach, cuz apparently it's like the healthiest thing in the world. I put some in my omelets, and it's that not bad at all. I think mom said that spinach is dad's least favorite food, but to me it kinda just tastes like broccolli. but idk, food is just food to me. But I think my body is a lot happier with me, previous to this last week I had been eating a lot of ramen, and that it's pretty much horrible for you, I'm feeling better without it. I've been taking 20 min naps at luch just to give my body a little more rest, and that has been doing wonders for me as well.
President Petersen awesome, I love that man. He gave me a blessing Monday night. Him and Elder Badger, and it was really an amazing blessing, and it gave me a lot of comfort. He came to our Zone Meeting on Wednesday, but it sounds like he told you guys about that as well. Zone Meeting went really well, I was glad President could come. I love the missionaries in this mission. I've made some friendships out here that will definately carry on into the eternities. They're my family right now, and I love different meetings and exchanges and things, because I love seeing my other friends out here.
  Let me tell you something awesome that happened. Last night we went and saw Jerry. I know I told ya'll about him. He's an older gentlemen who is addicted to alcohol, and always talks about how he wakes up mad, and feels like God has forsaken him. Well, he is a freakin stud, because he's been keeping his reading commitments. We left him Alma ch 14, where Alma and Amulek are thrown in prison, and are chained up and beat because they were crying repentance, and how the spirit of the Lord gives them strength, and they break the bands, and walk out of the prison as it crumbles on those that persecuted them, and Jerry loved it. He could relate to the suffering Alma and Amulek felt, and he said he had been praying like we asked him to, and that when he prayed, he felt like he was wakling out of that prison, and leaving all of his sorrows and worries behind. He said that he's never felt so happy or so close to God, and that he's coming to church with us next Sunday. That's a huge step! He told us when we first met him that we'd never get him inside the mormon church. The Lord is working miracles in his life. I was so happy hearing that last night...
  Rochelle is so solid. She was the girl Elder Graham and I baptized a few weeks ago, and man. She has really warmed up to the ward. She's in choir, and she's the president of the investigators class we have in the Little Rock ward, and she's been fellowshipping the investigators coming in like crazy, she's awesome.
  I don't know exactly when I'll be calling on Christmas Day, probably sometime in the evening.We have Sacrament Meeting at 11:30. I think I'll try and call maybe around 4 or 5. It depends on when we're having dinner. It'll probably be closer to the evening, don't worry you can definately go to sacrament meeting. I love you guys.... I'm so greatful for such a wonderful family. Elder Graham told me to tell you all thank you for the Christmas presents, he wasn't expecting to get anything for Christmas, and he ended up getting qiute a few gifts. He's been really happy about that. Thank you so much. I love you. talk to you soon
Elder LeBaron

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