Monday, December 5, 2011

Dear Family,
   Thank you for your emails. I really appreciate them a lot. It's always nice knowing you have a family back home that supports you. I don't know what'd I'd do without all of you.
   This past week was good. Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Hanneman, and he's like the definition of a stud. Right out of High School he got drafted to play for the Kansas City Royals (MLB) and they offered him a $350,000 signing bonus, and he turned them down to go serve a mission. He's legit, he actually came out with my companion, Elder Graham, and so he's been out for about 17 months. He's one of the District Leaders in the zone, so I've gotten to know him pretty well. Whats really legit about him is that he's really humble, he hesitates to tell ne one that he got drafted and doesn't like a lot of people to know, I have a lot of respect for him for that, he's awesome. Word on the skreet is that he might be my next companion, since Elder Graham is probably goin' over the river and Elder Hanneman is probably going Zone Leader. I'd be happy with whatever. Exchanges with him were great though, the Lord led us to some people that were for sure prepared, and we saw a few miracles, it was an awesome day.
  We had Zone Leader Council on Thursday, and it was over in the Stake Center in Memphis, so I got to go back to Memphis for a day, that was sweet. I miss Memphis. When we were drivin over the Mississippi River looking at Midtown and that big sign that says "Memphis" I felt like I was coming home, lol. I love that place. We drove for probably 6 hours total that day, we went over with the AP's and came back with the NLR Zone Leaders, so it was a slow day. We wished we could have gotten out and done some work, but I took a nap, so that was pretty nice. Zone Leader Council was really great, President is such a spiritual giant, I really look up to him. We talked about daring to stand alone, and going against the grain, not being average, but being everything within our own potential and power. Doing the Lord's work, the Lord's way, and by his power. Elder Badger gave me a surprise 10 minutes to speak on elminating fear, lol, he wanted me to do the balloon object lesson for all the Zone Leaders, so that was cool.
  The rest of the week went well, I don't have tons of time so I'm gonna keep this one really short. Elder Graham and I have to go back and finish planning Zone Meeting, it's on Wednesday, so wich us luck.
  Oh, and I got pulled over for the first time on my mission two nights ago. I did an illegal U-Turn in an intersection, and I guess this Lady cop was chillin on the other side of the intersection, I just didn't see her. She just gave me a warning, so that was a relief. I just used my good looks and charm. U know how I do. jk. ;) I think God decided to give me a break on that one, I was pretty greatful.
I know this is way short. But I love ya'll.
Elder LeBaron.

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