Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What Up What Up,
  It's good to read ya'lls letters. I just want to thank everyone again for the packages Elder Graham and I received. You should of seen his jamaican face light up, he was like "Man, you have really cool family man, they don't even know me and they love me!" He was way excited. He was yelling crazy things like "Raasta Fa Riiiaa!" He says that all the time, lol, even though he claims he's not rastafarian, because he doesn't have dreads or smoke marajuana. I appreciate it so much though... Elder Graham is a really loving companion, I'm so glad ya'll showed some love back to him, sometimes he gets down about his family not being there for him, I know it must leave a pretty big gap in his heart, I can't even imagine life without all of you...
  Well, this week was pretty awesome. The Elders Quorum Pres let me teach the Sunday before last, and I used PMG and spoke on the importance of members in this work, I really just wanted to inspire the ward and get some fire goin'. It seemed to work out pretty good, we had 11 member present lessons this week. Yea boiii. Elder Graham and I doubled the member lessons in the Zone just with our numbers as a companionship, the Lord is blessing us for our efforts. It was legit.
  We had the Checkett brothers come out with us, and some craziness happened. Aisle is 23, he's an RM, and his little bro Benson is 18 getting ready to do his papers. They're cool guys. Well anyway, we went to visit Jerry (I love that man), and turns out he was more drunk than usual, he could harldly stand, so we talked to him for a minute and told him we'd come back later tonight if he promised not to drink anymore. We were leaving and getting into the car when this thug guy, probably like 23 or something, does like a double take and then starts walking our direction. (It was obvious bad news) He starts yelling at all 4 of us to get out of the neighborhood, that we worship a different jesus and that they didn't want us hear. I think I'm just tired of taking crap from guys like this, but I pipe up and say "We worship the Jesus that suffered for the world and saved us from our sins, What Jesus do you worship?  this dude thought he was hard (that's what we say down here in da hood) and he gets like 6-inches from my face and starts talking about how we have some golden book and we worship treasure hunters and he told us to leave in some profain ways. It was ridicuous. People frustrate me. We waited for him to start walking away, and then we got in the car, we were about to drive off, but Jerry came running up the window drunk as ever and told us he wasn't gonna let that guy talk to us like that and that he was gonna kill him and stuff, and we were trying to get Jerry to calm down, when we notice the thug guy turn around and start heading towards the car again. It was bad news. He just circled the car cussing at us, he tried to open Aisle's door, but it was locked, then he circled around to Benson's window, he had a coin in his hand told us to pick head or tails. Benson was pretty freaked out, he told him he didn't want to play and he just stepped on the gas and drove away. I was mostly just worried about Jerry, but we watched Jerry stumble back into his house. So that was nuts. The Checkett boys said that hadn't had that much fun in a while. Sometimes it's crazy being a missionary.
  Aside from that the big news is that Jerry came to church! and he was sober, and he said that he loved it, and he's gonna keep coming back. That was awesome. I was so glad. We have our zone conference Wednesday, that should be sweet.
  I think I'll probably be calling around like 3:00 on Christmas... Pretty sure. So I hope that works well for Steve too. I have to get goin' sorry it's super short this week. But I love you guys so much, I'm excited to talk to you Sunday. I can't believe it's Christmas.
Elder Justin.

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