Monday, January 9, 2012


I'm sorry I haven't written in a couple of weeks. The past 2 P-Days were holidays and so the libraries were closed, and we had a lot of work to do during the week with Zone Meeting and Zone Leader Council and things we didn't get to it on any other day. I have been transferred back to Frayser and will be working with Elder Flores  All my recent converts and all the members were happy to see me back in frayer. It's funny, it's like I've only been in 2 different areas my entire mission. Elder Flores, has been out 4 and a half months. I like him a lot, he's super chill, and we already knew each other somewhat, so it's cool.

I love you so much...
- Elder LeBaron

Above is a small excerpt from a much longer e-mail, just to let you know where Justin is currently serving. As his parents we thought it would be good to let everyone know that Justin has been having some struggles the last few months with Depression (It run's in our family, so it's not any big surprise) we were hoping initially that it might have passed him by because of his somewhat laid back personality, but it has gotten progressively worse. It seems that this is the age where it is most likely to show itself, and with the added stresses of serving a mission it looks like it is the case with Justin.  

We have been in contact with his Mission president and had discussions about Justin meeting with a counselor and a psychiatrist to see if there is something that might help while he is out there. The result is that he has been diagnosed with Depression, and they have just recently put him on medication to see if that will help.  

The current plan is to give it 6 weeks to see if the medication will kick in, and if not then he will most likely come home so that he can be with family and not have the added stress associated with mission life, while we work through this.  

We want everyone to know that Justin has done and is doing everything that he can...he loves the people out there, and has worked harder than most.  The last thing that he wants right now is to come home early. 

As parents we couldn't be more proud of a son, who has really given this his all...we would like to ask for your prayers on his behalf, that the Lord's will would be done.  

Thank you so much for all that everyone has done to support Justin so far...


Rich and Randie.

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